Welcome to our site. We are phonerepairshopsnearme.com. A veteran owned company specializing in screen repair.Over the years, people spend more money buying new phones and replacing them in the next couple of months due to one fault or the other. Some of these phones can actually be repaired at rates cheaper than buying new ones. In some places around the world today, one out of ten people are using a cracked screen phones. Complexity and cost are interrelated and interconnected as smartphones add more features, having wider screens and becoming thinner, the prices of smartphones have started increasing rapidly. Smartphones are gradually becoming an investment. Most people can’t afford new smartphones when their phones get bad. This has brought about the need for Smartphone fixing.
Fixing of smartphone is a trending business that is growing in line with the speed of mobile phone. When your Smartphone gets bad, fixing it is a cheaper alternative to buying a new one. However, there are certain misconceptions about fixing a smartphone which are not true. Some of the misconceptions are;
Common misconceptions about smartphone repair
 Smartphone repair shops are sketchy and their technicians are not certified: This is a common misconception about smartphones repair. Many people have a negative perspective about smartphone repair shops. They believe that they are dishonest and can’t be trusted. However, this is not always true as over 90 percent of smartphones technicians are trust worthy and they depend on community trust to grow their businesses. This is why they are always concerned about helping people fix their smartphones.

 It costs too much money to repair a phone: This assertion is subjective because it is not always truth. The price varies from generation to generation. People are naturally very attached to their smartphones. Considering how much value you attached to your smartphone, the cost of repairing it shouldn’t be a challenge.

 If a third-party repairs a smartphone it will void the warranty: Many people believe that once a third-party repairs their smartphone the warranty will be voided. However, the one year limited guaranty on smartphones becomes void when the screen is cracked. It is better to repair your existing smartphones than buying a new one. This is because it will help reduce cost. Repair shops give one year post service warranty on your device once they repair it.

 They believe that only certified technicians can repair Smartphone. No certification is required to repair a smartphone. There are a lot of self-trained technicians out there without certification. These technicians are very skilled in the act of fixing faulty smartphones. No certification is required to operate a smartphone repair shops.

 Smartphones phones can’t be repaired: There is a general belief among people that smart phones can’t be repaired. However, the good news is smartphones can be repaired. When a smartphone is being fixed, there is usually a post repair warranty that accompanies the device. This will enable you to return the device to the smartphone technician who will fix it when the same problem reoccurs.

 I can repair it myself: Many owners of smartphones believe they can repair their smartphones themselves. They will order the smartphones parts online and try repairing the device themselves. They usually end up going to the smartphone technicians with the half -assembled device.

Benefit of fixing your smartphones
 Cost factor: One of the benefits of fixing your phone is the cost factor. It cost less to fix your old phones than replacing them. Repairing phones is cost effective and will help the device work as a new one.

 Data Loss: Fixing your smartphone can help you save important data from wiping away. However, when you buy a new device, you may lose a lot of significant data that may affect you for a while.

 Environment: The more phones we buy, the more damage we are causing to the environment. This is due to the fact that, phone is one of the major causes of global warming as they emit green house heat and radiation. With this in mind, buying a new phone simply means adding more damage to the environment. Thus the need to repair our old phones.

 Detect the root cause of a problem: Phone repair centres are backed by the most experienced team of professional and they have highly innovative and sophisticated repair tools to detect the root cause of your phone’s problem. They will repair your phone efficiently with a post service warranty.

 Get proper Advice on how to take care of your phone: When you take your phone to a repair centre for fixing, you receive valuable advice from phone technicians on how to handle your phone to prevent frequent issues.
It is generally better to repair your faulty phone instead of getting a new one. There are several smart phones problem that can make a smartphone bad. Some of the common phones problems are;
Common Phone Problems:
 Battery failure to charge: Battery or charging fault is one of the problems of phones. This problem usually manifest with some signs – the battery will not charge, back plate will not go back on because of the swollen nature of battery, the battery only stay charge for a while.

 Microphone faults: When our phones develop microphone faults, we usually notice certain signs which include; Inability for the caller to hear you, distorted voice from you to the caller, caller can barely hear you.

 Speaker sound faults: Phones speaker fault always occur with the following symptoms: Inability to hear the ringtones, ringtones too quiet, voice becomes distorted.

 Keypad faults: Phones keypad faults will usually occur with signs like – inability to type letters or numbers, ability to type only few numbers or all of them, numbers/letters appear on screen without pressing the key board, pressing on number another one will display.

 Water Damage: Once your phone is exposed to water, switch the phone off and remove the battery. Expose it to ventilation before taking it to a repair centre.

 Software faults: Phones develop software faults when they – switch off intermittently, halt or freeze, certain phone menus are not accessible. Etc
These are the common faults your phone can easily develop. Once you notice any of these faults on your phone, you don’t need to replace it. Visit a repair centre today and save more money for yourself.